VCB Evening TT Series #2

Date: 29th May 2018
: U103
Distance: 12.1miles

The second of the evening time trial series was held hosted by Kingswood Tri Club. Eighteen riders competed, with four representing VC Bristol. The event was notable for the extraordinary time posted by Andy Jackson (Aerocoach), who smashed the course record.  Andy was the fastest rider (25min 35sec), Wayne Osmond took second place (28min 14sec) with Phil Stonelake taking the final podium place (28min 26sec).

Many thanks to Kingswood Tri and the volunteers for hosting.

1 Andy Jackson 00:25:35 Aerocoach 28.4
2 Wayne Osmond 00:28:14 SAS 25.7
3 Phil Stonelake 00:28:26 Bristol RC 25.5
4 Simon Jennings 00:29:34 VC Bristol 24.6
5 M Gardener 00:29:42 Bristol RC 24.4
6 Tim Scruton 00:30:32 SAS 23.8
7 Alex Tinniswood 00:30:33 VC Bristol 23.8
8 Liam Manly 00:30:44 Kingswood Tri 23.6
9 Neil Kerfoot 00:31:15 Kingswood Tri 23.2
10 Charlie Berestard 00:32:34 Kingswood Tri 22.3
11 Sherrie Derrick 00:33:22 Kingswood Tri 21.8
12 Steve Penman 00:33:30 SAS 21.7
13 Mark Bishton 00:34:35 VC Bristol 21.0
14 Martyn Hallett 00:34:51 VC Bristol 20.8
15 Sarah Hart 00:35:31 Kingswood Tri 20.4
16 Kelly Smith 00:36:10 Kingswood Tri 20.1
17 Jen Green 00:41:03 Kingswood Tri 17.7
18 Lee Francis DNF VC Bristol / Kingswood Tri
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March 2018 – Race Results

TT results

24th February

Lee Francis completed the SAS 10M TT @ U102 finishing 9th in a time of 00:24:35, with an average speed of 24.38mph.  Lee advises that it was very cold but well organised and well supported by the SAS guys. Over 15 entries from SAS in their own open TT. Well done.

1st Josh Griffiths, Bristol South CC

2nd Matt Burden, 73degress CC

3rd Fred Carlton, UOBCC

25th February

Lee Francis completed the Severn RC 25M TT @ U17 finishing 8th in a time of 01:04:54 with an average speed of 23.26mph.  Well done Lee, even with your winter weight you can still gurn your way around.

1st Tony Chapman, Frome and District Wheelers

2nd Simon Ward, Bristol Road Club

3rd Pfeiffer Georgi, Liv CC Halo Cycles. Female, junior, 23.8MPH

Road Race Results

1th March

Bristol South RR:  Chris Johnson

With Chris not feeling 100% on the day this was always going to be a tough outing. Chris reports a hilly race, but it was the headwind which he found more challenging considering he wasn’t 100% fit. Chris DNF the race and saved himself from further illness by not completing. A well organised race in fine winter weather. It’s a long season Chris so save yourself for when you’re feeling strong. Well done.


1st   Andrew Kirby, University of Bristol CC

2nd Oliver Bratchell, Velo Club Venta

3rd George Jones, 73Degrees CC

 11th March

Abergavenny RR: Matt Dale

Matt Dale rode well and was enjoying the race until a crash on the last lap 2 miles from home. Matt luckily avoided injury and after some handlebar realignment he found his tyre to be flat with a large rip. Matt was going well until the crash but was relived to be injury free so early in the racing season.


1st Daniel Colman, Pembrokeshire Velo

2nd William Roberts, Wales Racing Academy

3rd Samuel Beckett, Cardiff JIF

24th March

Bush Healthcare Pinvin LVRC road race: David Rutty

(47 mile open road circuit, 6 laps B cat)

First race of the season for David fresh off the back of a winter training program with some extra VCB turbo sessions with Chris Davies at the Batch, Warmly.  On an 8-mile flat circuit with good roads, David worked within the bunch for 5 laps. On the last lap David jumped away on a slight incline bringing with him another rider. They both worked together to extend the gap, when another rider came across the gap and then jumped David with 2.5 miles to the finish. David was then caught by the bunch and they homed in on the solo rider upfront. Luckily the rider managed to stay away and cross the finish line as winner. David finished in 16th place, a good effort for first race of season and a gauge of what’s to come. Well done.


1st Paul Phil Whiteley

2nd Wayne Mckeown

3rd Richard Shimmel


25th March,

Bush healthcare Pinvin LVRC road race: Nick Tomkins. 

(40-mile open road circuit, 5 laps, F cat)

With a solid winter training block and warm weather training with World Velo camp in Majorca under his belt, Nick raced in the group F on a bright Sunday morning. Conditions were perfect with light breeze and the spring sun showing herself for the first time this year. Nick rode in the bunch for the first few laps but soon realised the course was a bit too flat for his riding style. Everyone will agree when we say that Nick excels when it comes to climbing, and a few bigger bumps would have suited his racing style. One rider broke away early but the group did not respond and allowed him to ride away. Nick then moved to the front and worked well with another rider but was let down by the group as no one was willing to take a turn to chase the rider down. With 1.5 miles to go, Nick rode away from the group looking to ride into 2nd place.  With 250m to go Nick could hear the bunch coming on fast. Nick buried himself only to be caught at 150m so sat up to roll in with the group.  Finished 13th

Other names to note on the start sheet, Bill Rains, Dennis White, both did not start

Nick was pleased with his race but not the result, but with further LVRC races planned this season and the training plan Nick has worked to, I’m sure success will come. Well done.


1st Dave Capes

2nd Dave Hughes

3rd Ralph Keeler

In the CAT E race was Jonathon Davies from World Velo camp, looking fit after 6 weeks training in Majorca. Jonathon completed some big turns on the front to pull back 2 riders that went away early.   Jonathon was out sprinted in the final 500m to finish down the order with the bunch.

30th March

Castle Coombe Easter Classic: David Rutty

David braved the heavy rain and cold in the Easter classic at Castle Coombe, racing the E/1/2 Cat David finished in the front half of the bunch behind winner Marcin Balolcki.  David reports a very fast race even in those conditions, expect everyone just wanted to finish and get in the club for a coffee and cake.

Audax news

24th February

Julian Plummer completed 124miles around Somerset taking in W-S-M, Glastonbury and Bath to name a few locations. Pretty chilly at -5 but warmed up when the sun came through.

25th March

Julian Plummer completed the LVIS Barry’s Ball Buster , 140 mile [215km] Audax with 200 riders taking part. 132 finishers.  Well organised ride with excellent controls. As usual with these rides it is a friendly atmosphere and was nice to chat to old friends and new.

The ‘classic distance’ 200km route (Brevet ‘Randonnée’) circumnavigates the city of Bristol before climbing up on to the Mendip Hills then down to the Somerset Levels and returning to the start point in Long Ashton.

Rob Sutton completed the LVIS Barry’s Bristol Bash [116km] but Strava shows a route of 100miles. Rob either got lost or wanted to ride on. 151 finishers on this route.

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VCB Hill Climb Champs 2017

Sunday 1st October 2017

A small entry than normal of six riders took on Belmont Hill last Sunday. This was due to some members still racing and other general commitment clashes. However the weather behaved and the group met up and rode out, plus stopping off for a well-earned coffee at the Bristol docks on the way home! Congratulations to Toby for retaining the title.

1st – Toby Smith – VCB – 3mins 30secs
2nd – Simon Jennings – VCB – 3mins 38secs
3rd – Rob Sutton – VCB – 3mins 57secs
4th – Kieran Murphy – VCB – 4mins 5secs
5th – Sorrel Williams – OutdoorTraders Race Team – 5mins 6secs
6th – Mark Bishton – VCB – 5mins 29secs

Thanks to Steve Ashlin and John Turner for timing and pushing off.

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July Results Update…

We’ve had club members racing and representing the club at various events recently. Deacon Cutterham did a great ride to finish 3rd (Bronze Medal) in the BC Master Scratch Race over at the Newport Velodrome. Noel Waldron, Mark Hughes and David Rutty have been racing on the local circuit with numerous top 10 results.

On the events front congratulations to Mark Bishton for completing Wales Veloton and just yesterday, both Michael Robinson and Kieran Murphy completed the iconic L’Etape de Tour.

Well done all, keep the jersey out there whether just riding your bike or competing!

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VCB Evening TT Series Results

Tuesday 18th July
U103 12.1m TT

Yay!!! After having to cancel the last 7 TTs we were finally able to hold another event on the U103 12.1 mile TT.

The hero of the night was Dr Kerfoot – he made a school boy error by setting everyone one off one minute early, but he fully redeemed himself by doing time keeping, setting off and working out all of the results. He also let me borrow his pedals and shoes, and he phoned the marshals so they knew what was going on with riders. He was a super star, and to top it off he has surprisingly neat hand-writing for a doctor!!! Cheers Doc!
Big thank you to everyone that helped out – Andy Higginson, Si Davis-Savage and Mark Bishton for manning the roundabout. Alex for sorting signing on. Ken, Phil and Martyn for setting off and timekeeping. Now down to the results, total of 15 riders raced.

1st  Jim Peters  28:34  –  Velo Club Bristol
2nd  Chris Davis  28.36  –  Giant CC Halo Films
3rd  Rob Hall  28.51  –  SAS
4th  Adam Whittaker  29.38  –  SAS
5th  Richard Franklin  30.24  –  VC St Raphael
6th  Neil Parker  30.49  –  KiT
7th  Chris Gardner  31.43  –  KiT
8th  Charlie Beresford  31.45  –  KiT
9th  Leon Baker  32.05  –  KiT
10th  Andy Beveridge  32.20 –  KiT
11th  Andy Kelly  33.11 –  BSCC
12th  Steve Penman  34.38  –  KiT
13th  Gary Week  34.52  –  KiT
14th  Annamarie Miles  34.55  –  SAS
15th  Lee Francis DNF – to much flapping!  –  Velo Club Bristol

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Road season underway for VCB

This weekend saw Toby Smith and Kieran Murphy represent the club in the Bristol South RR. It’s a tough one to start with – 8 times up Stowey hill..! Both did well but unfortunately Toby got caught up in a crash need the end and Kieran suffered with cramp on the 7th time up.

Further afield – Nick Tomkins rode the Echelon Vets RR finishing a credible 6th place in his first race of the year.

Earlier in the week Matt Dale and Deacon Cutterham rode the 2/3 crit over at Maindy Track, Cardiff on Wednesday evening. Matt found the pace a little too much for his first outing, but Deacon managed a top ten placing with 9th.

Well done to everyone and lots more to come no doubt in 2017!

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2016 Club Hill Climb Championships

Sunday 2nd October
Belmont Hill

Yet again we had a glorious day weather-wise for the hill climb. A good group of about 12-14 riders met up at Warmley Station for the gentle ride across town (Great to see some new faces out as well). New to the club this year – Toby Smith took the honours, jointly with Tom Sharp in a respectable time of 3:26.

After the event we had a nice little ride down  into the docks and sat outside for a coffee and a catch up. Many thanks to Ken Dicker, Si Davis-Savage, Steve Ashlinn and David Foxwell for time keeping / marshalling.

  • 1 Toby Smith VCB 3:26
  • 1 = Tom Sharp – 3:26
  • 3 Jack Phillips SAS 3:35
  • 4 Kieran Murphy VCB 3:54
  • 4 = Chris Francis VCB 3:54
  • 6 Barry Bryant – 4:01
  • 7 Paul Foxworthy – 4:11
  • 8 Nick Tomkins VCB 4:16
  • 9 Jon Wright VCB 4:34
  • 10 Magnus R – 4:44
  • 11 Michael Robinson VCB 4:51
  • 12 Lucy Tyler VCB 5:07
  • 13 John Turner VCB 5:24
  • 14 Michael Jones VCB DNF
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VCB Evening ’10′ TT Series, Week 4

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Iron Acton, U102

Thanks to Joe Lund for taking over the organising this week, backed up by the usual crew of helpers and time keepers. Another pleasant night weather wise, some new competitors and a new winner!

  • 1   Craig Wallduck   DREAM RT   22:33
  • 2   Andy Legge   Bristol South CC   22:52
  • 3   Chris Davis   GIANT CC/ HALO   23:12
  • 4   Jamie Plummer   Mid-Devon CC   23:19
  • 5   Rich Franklin   SAS   23:58
  • 6   George Beck   BATH CC   24:29
  • 7   Matt Dale   Velo Club Bristol   24:31
  • 8   Thomas Simpson   SAS   24:32
  • 9   Marc Collins   SAS   24:53
  • 10 Tim Scrutton   SAS   25:16
  • 11  Tim Cummins   SAS   25:21
  • 12  Phil Davis   SAS   25:33
  • 13  Nick Hughes   KIT   25:49
  • 14  Neil Parker   KIT   26:02
  • 15  Des Green   KIT   26:07
  • 16  Adam Whittaker   SAS   26:11
  • 17  Mark Davin   KIT   26:13
  • 18  Dave West   SODBURY CC   26:15
  • 19  Joanna Knight   Bristol South CC   26:21
  • 20  Paul Clark   KIT   26:34
  • 21  Markus Hallett   Velo Club Bristol   27:09
  • 22  Harry Dennes   SAS   27:11
  • 23  Jake Hallett   KIT   27:14
  • 24  Jim Dennes   SAS   27:50
  • 25  Becky Haywood   KIT   28:07
  • 26  Anon Mitchell   KIT   28:28
  • 27  Marc Bishton   Velo Club Bristol   28:41
  • 28  Dave Pollinger   Velo Club Bristol   29:43
  • 29  Jen Green   KIT   31:23


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VCB Evening ’10′ TT Series, Week 2

Tuesday 7th June 2016
Iron Acton, U102

The weather on Tuesday was a lot better then the previous weeks, dry, warm and relatively still. 31 people faced the time keeper and there were some great times and lots of PBs.

Big thank you to Matt Dale, Chris Francis, Alex Jolly, Dave Foxwell, Steve Taylor, Phil Derrick and John Backwell for their time, marshaling and time keeping.

  • 1    Iain Stuart   Bristol RC  22.56
  • 2    Jim Peters   Sodbury Cycle Sport  23.14
  • 3    Lee Francis   Velo Club Bristol  23.22
  • 4    Toby Smith   Velo Club Bristol   23.48
  • 5    Greg Lancaster   SAS   24.13
  • 6    Wayne Osmond   KIT   24.23
  • 7    Rich Franklin   SAS   24.26
  • 8    Mark Collins   SAS   24.40
  • 9    Simon Kelly   BCDS   24.49
  • 10  Tom Sharp   –   24.50
  • 11  Neil Kerfoot   KIT   24.51
  • 12  Dominik Burchet  24.59
  • 13  Tim Scruton   SAS   25.09
  • 13  Kirspin Gardner   BCDS   25.09
  • 14  Neil Parker   KIT   25.29
  • 15  Steve Light   SAS   25.51
  • 16  Des Green   KIT   26.00
  • 17  Martyn Hallet   Velo Club Bristol   26.13
  • 18  Gareth Waite   KIT   26.32
  • 19  Joanna Knight   Bristol South CC   26.33
  • 20 Jack Tween   TEAM AVS   26.50
  • 21  Freya Thatcher   Liv CC   27.22
  • 22  Ryan Abram   Newport Velo   28.06
  • 23  Chi Zhang   TEAM PIE   28.22
  • 24  Paul Abram   Newport Velo   28.24
  • 25  Greg Wentland   KIT   28.40
  • 26  Mark Bishton   Velo Club Bristol   28.54
  • 27  Mark Purkiss   SAS   29.38
  • 28  Emily Abram   Newport Velo   29.58
  • 29  Jennifer Green   KIT   32.51
  • 30  Tristan Brown DNF
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VCB Evening ’10′ TT Series, Week 1

Tuesday 24th May 2016
Iron Acton, U102

A warm and dry evening greeted the 30 riders for the first event of our 2016 series. Series regular – Billy Oliver set the fastest time and took the honours! Thanks as ever to the team of helpers from the Velo Club that turn up and promote these events.

  • 1   Billy Oliver   Team Bottrill  23.03
  • 2   A. Sheppard   Kingswood Tri Club   23.51
  • 3   Chris Davis   Giant CC/Halo Films   23.53
  • 4   Andy Bevan   VC St Raphael   24.19
  • 5   Nathan Anscombe   Bristol RC   24.27
  • 6   Toby Smith   Velo Club Bristol   24.32
  • 7   Greg Lancaster   SAS   24.36
  • 8   Rich Franklin   SAS   24.42
  • 9   George Beck   Bath CC   24.58
  • 10   Owen Burgess   Velo Club Bristol   25.35
  • 11   Tim Scuton   SAS   25.55
  • 12   Neil Parker   Kingswood Tri Club   26.12
  • 13   Adam Whittaker   SAS   26.27
  • 14   Charlie Beresford   Kingswood Tri Club   26.39
  • 15   Krispin Gardner   BCDS   26.53
  • 16   Clair Wadden   Bristol RC   26.55
  • 17   Ash Dunn   Kingswood Tri Club   27.03
  • 18   Kirsty Prior   Cotic/A Quick Release   27.15
  • 19   M. Hallett   Velo Club Bristol   27.18
  • 20   Andy Merret   Kingswood Tri Club   27.50
  • 21   M. Davin   Kingswood Tri Club   27.53
  • 22   Kareem Cole   Bristol RC   28.52
  • 23   Chris Francis   Velo Club Bristol   29.01
  • 24   Becky Hayward   Kingswood Tri Club   29.09
  • 25   Paul Hennessey   VC Walcot   30.02
  • 26   Mark Bishton   Velo Club Bristol   30.30
  • 27   Andy Mitchell   Kingswood Tri Club   31.06
  • 28   Chris Norris   Kingswood Tri Club   31.45
  • 29   Andreas Burt   –   32.13
  • 30   Gwen Bevan   VC St Raphael   DNF
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