Cycle Sunday


The first Cycle Sunday event on April 19th is fast approaching and hope that you can come and join us for a morning of car free cycling around the Downs.

None of this would have happened without the 38 Degrees petition which 4,600 of you signed at the end of last year. It was clearly the thing that swayed the Downs Committee as it showed them what strong support there is for the principal of safer cycling up on the Downs.

If you are coming, then please do sign up for the event (it only takes a few clicks and really helps us to plan the event effectively)  Please email the link to friends, post it on your FB page or tweet it if you are into that kind of thing (short URL – )

Other places you can connect with us:

Twitter – @cyclesunday

Facebook – why not join our Cycle Sunday group? (You will find our gorgeous poster there)

Or email us at

The event is SUPER early on a Sunday morning (8-11a.m.) which must seem a bit strange. This is the quietest time on the Downs and we will therefore cause the least disruption. We need to get the closure set up first thing when the road is pretty deserted and we have had to ask the City Sightseeing buses to take a diversion while we are all there enjoying a bike ride. If the first event goes well, we will see if we can finish a little later at future events!

If you are still reading this, then we think you must quite like what we are doing and wondered if you might consider coming to be a steward for an hour on the day. More stewards = a better, safer event… if the answer is yes, please email us at Thank you so much.

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