Evening Club TT Series, No.4

Tuesday 1st July 2014
Iron Acton U102

18 people raced this evening including 8 new riders. It seems to have been a fast night, with 7 people setting personal bests! Alastair broke his own course record with a time of 22.21. The Ladies record was also broken with Clair Wadden setting a time of 26.06.
Massive thank you to the marshalls and timekeepers James Cowen, Paul Parker, Alex Francis, Jill Margaret McNally, Ken and Dave.

  • 1st  Alastair McChesney:  Velo Club Bristol  22.21
  • 2nd  Lee Francis:  Velo Club Bristol  23.2
  • 3rd  Wayne Osmond:   23.48
  • 4th  Greg Lancaster:  Velo Club Bristol  23.59*
  • 5th  Tim Scruton:  24.19
  • 6th  Gary Stretton:  24.23
  • 7th  Rich Franklin:  24.26
  • 8th  Rob Sutton:  Velo Club Bristol  25.11
  • 9th  Des Green:  Velo Club Bristol  25.16
  • 10th  Ian Sparrow:  25.4
  • 11th  Chris Francis:  Velo Club Bristol  26.01
  • 12th  Clair Wadden: 26.06
  • 13th Ian Rawlins: 27.03
  • 14th  Adam Whittaker: 27.38
  • 15th  Alan Toye: 28.09
  • 16th  Craig English:  Velo Club Bristol  28.11
  • 17th Leon Baker:  30.16
  • 18th  Jen Green: 32.41

*On a road bike

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