Evening TT Series, week 5

Iron Acton, 31st July 2012
Another good turn-out of competitors for a rather overcast evening with some great times recorded. Amongst these our very own Jason Flooks recorded a time of 23.06 unaided by various aero gismos!
NB. Reminder that next week – 7th August is the VCB vs Kingswood Tri Club re-match, limited to 40 riders with slightly earlier start time of 7pm.

  • 1st    I. Dunn    CSS   22-28
  • 2nd  L. Francis   Kingswood Tri   22-58
  • 3rd  J. Flooks   Velo Club Bristol   23-06
  • 4th  E. Trotman   Bristol South CC   23-08
  • 5th   S. Hoyle   Paramount CRT   23-24
  • 6th   O. Iles   –   24-06
  • 7th   G. Lancaster   Velo Club Bristol   24-31
  • 8th   G. Thomas   Velo Club Bristol   24-39
  • 9th   L. Rogers   Kingswood Tri   25-31
  • 10th  I. Sparrow   Sodbury Cycle Sport   25-45
  • 11th  R. Franklin   Kingswood Tri   25-51
  • 12th  K. Blair   Velo Club Bristol   25-58
  • 13th  H. Orna   Velo Club Bristol   26-30
  • 14th  J. Hughesdon   Velo Club Bristol   28-41
  • 15th  P. Britton   Kingswood Tri   28-42
  • 16th  D. Masey   Kingswood Tri   28-48
  • 17th  C. Bloore  –   29-58
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