VCB Evening TT Series Results

Tuesday 18th July
U103 12.1m TT

Yay!!! After having to cancel the last 7 TTs we were finally able to hold another event on the U103 12.1 mile TT.

The hero of the night was Dr Kerfoot – he made a school boy error by setting everyone one off one minute early, but he fully redeemed himself by doing time keeping, setting off and working out all of the results. He also let me borrow his pedals and shoes, and he phoned the marshals so they knew what was going on with riders. He was a super star, and to top it off he has surprisingly neat hand-writing for a doctor!!! Cheers Doc!
Big thank you to everyone that helped out – Andy Higginson, Si Davis-Savage and Mark Bishton for manning the roundabout. Alex for sorting signing on. Ken, Phil and Martyn for setting off and timekeeping. Now down to the results, total of 15 riders raced.

1st  Jim Peters  28:34  –  Velo Club Bristol
2nd  Chris Davis  28.36  –  Giant CC Halo Films
3rd  Rob Hall  28.51  –  SAS
4th  Adam Whittaker  29.38  –  SAS
5th  Richard Franklin  30.24  –  VC St Raphael
6th  Neil Parker  30.49  –  KiT
7th  Chris Gardner  31.43  –  KiT
8th  Charlie Beresford  31.45  –  KiT
9th  Leon Baker  32.05  –  KiT
10th  Andy Beveridge  32.20 –  KiT
11th  Andy Kelly  33.11 –  BSCC
12th  Steve Penman  34.38  –  KiT
13th  Gary Week  34.52  –  KiT
14th  Annamarie Miles  34.55  –  SAS
15th  Lee Francis DNF – to much flapping!  –  Velo Club Bristol

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